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2012 National Women's Conference
20 October 2011

With the dramatic end of the Gaddafi regime, Libya has the chance for a different future, one that contains real freedoms and liberty for all its citizens and potentially many changes for the lives of Libyan women.

Women have been significant in the struggle for a new and free Libya; taking to the streets in February protesting; smuggling arms beneath their clothing, founding a number of civil society groups, tweeting updates, blogging on progress, feeding and nursing the injured, mourning the dead. Libyan women may not have been visible on the streets with guns, but they have played an equally important role, displaying courage and strength that has been invaluable to the success of the people’s revolution. Women have taken a central role alongside men.

And yet despite these contributions the National Transitional Council has very few women amongst its number.

At the present time, there are many issues for women in Libya; they live in a society that is emerging from years of dictatorship and control.

What is to become of women’s role in this new era for Libya? Without women’s involvement in the key decision making forums fundamental change and true equality for women in Libya is unlikely to become a reality

This conference applauds the courageous efforts of women in Libya in bringing about political change and recognises that women’s involvement is essential to peace building in a new and democratic Libya.

This conference supports the efforts of women in Libya to gain political representation and influence in the new structures. Conference recognises that dictatorship and tradition have held back women’s progress in Libya for over 42 years.

This conference asks the National Women’s Committee to:

1)Establish links with Libyan women public sector workers ; and

2)invite a Libyan woman public sector worker to address a future women’s conference.