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2012 Police & Justice Conference
11 June 2012
Carried as Amended

Conference, Staffordshire Police like many other forces have had cost saving reviews by private sector consultancy companies at great cost to the taxpayer. The sums range from the tens of thousands to millions of pounds. These costs nationally are justified as necessary to make future financial savings.

Staffordshire Police Unison have challenged a number of their recommendations, department by department, as they appear to have been based on assumptions, and the evidence has not been provided to UNISON. These companies are used by other police forces across the country, and it seems they have a “one size fits all” business model.

Conference, this motion requests that work is undertaken, under the guidance of the SGE, to build up a centralised bank of information which details recommendations provided by these consultants, so that all branches can access the information and challenge the non-evidenced based assumptions.