Grievance Procedures

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2012 Police & Justice Conference
14 June 2012

Conference believes that in a time of cuts, there has been an increase in the use of grievance procedures to attempt to resolve difficult issues ranging from bullying in the workplace to favouritism.

Conference notes that different employers have many different ways of dealing with and resolving grievances, and there is a wide variation in the treatment that staff can expect when taking the difficult decision to raise a grievance.

Conference notes the Police Staff Council joint circular number 68, guidance on police staff misconduct procedures released in August 2011 and praises its use as a detailed reference document for branches to improve their own misconduct policies.

Conference believes that a similar guidance document for grievance procedures would be just as useful and beneficial to our members.

Conference calls on the National Police and Justice Service Group to

1)Investigate how many branches have taken up the guidance on police staff misconduct procedures, in what form and request feedback for how useful the document has been.

2)Investigate existing grievance policies and procedures within branches and seek views on how effective they are.

3)In consultation with branches and regional Police and Justice Service Groups, consider the practicalities of and measure the perceived need for a nationally agreed police staff council grievance procedure guidance document.

4)Report back on these matters no later than by Police and Justice Conference 2013, publishing best practice and recommendations for any further actions, if required.