LGPS 2014 Examples

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2012 Local Government Service Group Conference
1 January 2012

Conference notes that proposals for the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) were released on 31 May 2012.

Conference further notes that the factsheet “LGPS 2014 – Examples”, published on UNISON’s website on 31 May uses different assumptions for price and earnings growth than those used in the UNISON pensions calculator publicised in protect our pensions newsletters and used in the run up to our ballot for industrial action on pensions.

Conference believes that, in the interests of consistency and transparency we should use the same assumptions in published examples illustrating the LGPS 2014 as we used in the pensions calculator.

Conference therefore resolves to instruct the Service Group Executive to ensure that the examples published to date are reissued to reflect the same assumptions as those which underpinned our pensions calculator, and that these are issued to all branches, pensions contacts and with the ballot paper.