Cuts hurt us all

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2012 Health Care Service Group Conference
24 November 2011

Conference notes that the Tory-led Government continues to wreak havoc on the NHS. Across the UK, spending increases in the NHS are stopping, at a time when inflation and other cost pressures are increasing, resulting in tighter budgets, demands for efficiency savings and staffing reductions via voluntary severance and vacancies being left unfilled.

Conference notes that staff are struggling to maintain standards and levels of service in many areas, with workloads and stress increasing as staffing numbers and services are cut across the whole of the NHS.

Conference calls upon the service group executive to:

1)continue to fight against the detrimental cuts that are being made to the NHS, including to staffing numbers and access to services;

2)monitor the impact of cuts upon services, patients and the workforce;

3)work with the Million Voices campaign to demonstrate the impact that the cuts in the NHS will have;

4)work with other bodies within UNISON to campaign against the cuts agenda such as other service groups and self-organised groups;

5)ensure that the NHS continues to provide a comprehensive service to all, free at the point of need;

6)campaign to ensure that a two-tier service is not created with an increasing number of services deemed to be non-essential;

7)ensure that staff are protected against the additional workload and stress that is being placed upon them due to staffing reductions being made;

8)campaign to protect members jobs and terms and conditions against the Government’s attacks on the NHS.