Bank raid on disabled workers entitlements

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2012 National Disabled Members' Conference
20 June 2012
Carried as Amended

The current global financial climate is causing profound difficulties for the most vulnerable in society. The Con-Dem Government has launched major attacks on the welfare of disabled people. Reforms to the benefits system mean many of the benefit payments to disabled people will be cut or removed.

Access to Work, a system that has been invaluable to disabled workers, has been hit and is likely to be targeted again.

As disabled union activists we are possibly better placed to assist members in accessing benefits and services to which they are entitled and will make their everyday lives easier. At the very least we and our union should be able to signpost members to where they can access assistance to wade through the welfare system, a daunting task.

Conference calls on the National Disabled Members’ Committee to work with Regional Committees, “There for you” (UNISON’s Welfare Section), branches and other appropriate organisations to:

1. Compile a database/handbook of organisations that can assist members to access benefits and services.

2. Continue to campaign against the cuts to welfare benefits and public services that assist disabled people.