Policing Disadvantaged Communities

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2012 National Black Members' Conference
21 September 2011

Conference notes with great concern how the cuts in policing will greatly disadvantage the excellent work previously undertaken to engage with disadvantaged communities.

Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) were set up following the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report highlighted that the police were disengaged with communities. IAGs have played an active role in ensuring that police engage and consider the impact on communities.

Radical cuts announced in Greater Manchester Police has indicated that many community posts are to be axed, this will have a profound effect on community policing and engagement. It will reverse the progress made following the Stephen Lawrence report.

Conference instructs the NBMC to:

1.Work with the NEC and Labour Link to lobby the Equality and Human Rights Committee and the coalition government to protect community policing and impact assess the effects the cuts will have.

2.Develop and distribute materials to regions and branches that highlight the importance of IAGs in improving policing in disadvantaged communities.