Campaign Against the Cuts

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2011 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
25 February 2011

Conference deplores the Con- Dem Government’s attacks on jobs, services, pensions and pay in the public sector as their only solution to the economic crisis brought about by the irresponsibility of the banking sector. Conference condemns those banks that continue to award large bonuses to the very people whose actions have caused the economic difficulties working people and their families now face.

Conference notes that within the Water, Environment and Transport Service Group the jobs, pay and pensions of thousands of members in British Waterways, the Environment Agency and public transport are threatened along with the vital services they provide for the public.

The cuts put at risk essential services such as flood protection, off peak and rural bus services and the protection and conservation of our natural environment and heritage.

Conference pledges full support for UNISON’s campaign for an alternative economic strategy based on fairness, growth and employment.

Conference instructs the Executive to work with the NEC, branches, sectors and regions to take all necessary steps to support members resisting the attacks on their jobs, pensions and pay.