Absence management – HIV and other disabilities

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2011 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
1 March 2011

Conference notes employer duties to make reasonable adjustments in their management of disabled employees who are absent from work as a result of their disability.

We call on Water Environment and Transport (WET) employers to take their responsibilities seriously, and to pay specific attention to employees living with HIV. Many WET employers are scared or ignorant of HIV, and we need to help dispel the myths, ignorance and prejudice.

Conference believes that WET branches need to take the lead and negotiate comprehensive and sensitive absence management policies with employers.

Therefore, Conference calls on the WET Service Group Executive, working through the Business and Environment Equal Opportunities Working Group, to:

1) Ensure WET branch officers and stewards are aware of HIV discrimination, its impact, and resources available to branches to tackle it;

2) Promote the materials available to branches to help them negotiate disability leave policies regarding HIV;

3) Encourage WET branches to raise the profile of HIV discrimination in the workplace, both within their branches and with their employers.