Older People and Child Care Duties

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2011 Retired Members' Conference
20 June 2011

This Conference recognises that there are some advantages of being retired. One of these is the freedom from the time constraints imposed by employment. For the first time since starting school we should have the freedom to act spontaneously with only the need to advise others of our intentions as a matter of courtesy.

Due to the government’s restriction for funding for councils to provide public nursery, breakfast and after school clubs etc, grandparents often feel obliged to undertake long term child care duties to enable parents to work full time to make ends meet financially. This selfless offer to “mind the kids” is natural and commendable. Naturally grandparents may wish to spend time with grandchildren to the advantage of both. However this should be on an entirely voluntary, incidental or emergency basis rather than as a regular commitment. All too frequently Grandparents feel obliged to undertake long term grandchild care duties to the detriment of their own health and well being.

This Conference instructs the National Retired Members Committee to ask the National Executive Council to:

i. Actively include Retired Members in campaigns for increased public and other regulated child care provision and

ii. Include reference to Retired Members as a campaign resource in bargaining advice to branches in negotiating child care provision.