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2011 Retired Members' Conference
10 October 2011

Conference notes that the Payments Council announced in July 2011 that the proposal to discontinue the use of cheques from 2015 has been withdrawn for the foreseeable future. Conference applauds the success of the campaign to get the Payments Council to reverse the decision to abolish cheques.

Conference further notes that serious damage has been done to the use of cheques by the withdrawal of the cheque guarantee card. A large number of organisations, businesses etc. no longer accept cheques as a result of this.

Conference calls upon the National Retired Members’ Committee to use any powers at its disposal to ensure that older people and disabled people, will have ways to pay bills by easy means i.e. without using the internet, credit cards or debit cards. Now that the cheque guarantee cards have been withdrawn and cheques are in jeopardy, payment choices are becoming very limited.

Conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee and calls upon the National Executive Council to work with the Trades Union Congress, National Pensioners’ Convention, Scottish Pensioners’ Forum and any other possible allies to campaign for the restoration of the cheque guarantee card.