Campaigning with the Community and Voluntary Sector to fight the cuts

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2011 National Delegate Conference
1 March 2011

Conference recognises that the first and most important job of every UNISON branch is to get out into workplaces and talk to our members about the cuts. Until we get our members on board we cannot expect to be leading any community based campaigning.

Conference also recognises that our members are active in their own communities in after school clubs, youth groups, sports teams, faith groups and a range of other organisations. We should make use of our own members to build links with voluntary sector and community groups as part of the anti cuts campaign. Indeed we can combine workplace visits with trying to find out about what community groups our members are active in.

Conference therefore calls on the National Executive Council to:

1)produce guidelines for branches on how they can carry out an audit of our own members to establish what community groups they are active in;

2)advise branches on how they can make use of the information collected in the audit to build links with community groups;

3)produce guidelines for regions on how the branch audit information can be used strategically to assist with our campaigning work;

4)ask the relevant part(s) of the union to produce guidance to branches on how the GPF could be used to assist in joint campaigning with community groups.