Stop the Attacks on Local Government Services

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2011 Local Government Service Group Conference
25 February 2011
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that the ConDem government has refused to reduce the national deficit by alternative methods e.g. increasing taxation levels on multi-nationals, the implementation of the ‘Robin Hood’ tax, and forcing tax-dodging billionaires to pay their taxes in the UK.

The result has been a massive attack on Local Government Staff and the services they provide.

Conference further believes that Local Government services are best delivered by teams of staff working together and that attacks on one part of the workforce will always affect the “frontline” delivery of services to the public.

Conference therefore calls upon the Local Government SGE to:

1)Continue to campaign against the ideological attack on Local Government Services;

2) Promote the value of Local Government delivered services;

3)In order to demonstrate the need for additional public spending on Council services to work with local authorities to publish ‘parallel budgets’ that highlight the services they want to provide but are prevented from doing so by the gap between the Government grants they need and the grants they get.

4)Co-ordinate and lead cross-union campaigning to resist the privatisation of local government services to outsourcing companies or through private sector shared services;

5)Work to counter the artificial distinction between “back office” and “frontline” functions in the public services;

6)Continue to provide branch’s and regional offices with improved up to date information about successful campaign’s against cuts in Local Government Services;