Organising Disabled Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Members

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2011 National LGBT Conference
23 September 2011

Conference believes that our disabled LGBT members have an important role to play within the LGBT self organised group and wider union.

Branches and regions have a responsibility to encourage disabled LGBT members to become activists within self organisation and mainstream structures.

One way to achieve this is for branches and regions to support the development and growth of LGBT and other self organised groups at branch and regional level.

Other ways are for activist training courses to highlight the issues that affect disabled LGBT members and for the creation of a safe environment to encourage participation.

Conference acknowledges that it is important for all LGBT members to report back to their branches and regions, to highlight the work which is being done.

Equally, it is important for branches to keep members informed of LGBT issues and opportunities available for LGBT members. As not all members are out, branches should share LGBT information with all members and comply with existing guidance on LGBT and disability issues to ensure dignity and respect

Conference calls on the national LGBT committee to:

1.Encourage LGBT members to take up the role of LGBT and equality officer and other branch positions (including stewards);

2.Publicise widely the self organised groups and network days;

3.Ask regions to incorporate issues that affect self organisation within all training;

4.Urge branches to disseminate information received from the national LGBT group to all stewards and members.