Negotiating In The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Voluntary Sector

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2011 National LGBT Conference
8 August 2011
Carried as Amended

Conference celebrates the long standing and well documented history of working with, as well as accessing the services of, the voluntary sector that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community has. Organisations such as Broken Rainbow which started in 2002 and the George House Trust which is now in its 26th year offer vital services to the LGBT community. These services offer help and support to people at their most vulnerable, enabling them to continue when they think all hope has gone and allowing them to be themselves no-matter how difficult that may be. These organisations are staffed by our members and these services save lives.

Conference is aware that all voluntary and community organisations are under attack more now than ever in their history. Conference is particularly concerned that LGBT services may be seen as an easy option for cuts to funding in these austere times. Some may not have the skills required for negotiating with fund holders.

Conference instructs the National LGBT Committee to work with the Community Service Group Executive to:

1. Further expand links with LGBT voluntary groups including Black and disabled LGBT groups in order to develop our relationship with them;

2. Look for ways to increase recruitment and retention figures in the voluntary sector;

3. Seek the opening up of more UNISON training opportunities for our members in this sector, including how to fight the cuts.