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2011 National LGBT Conference
8 August 2011

UNISON has an excellent record in supporting Self Organised Groups (SOGs). This can not only be a good way of encouraging people from under-represented groups from joining and becoming active in the union.

One of the many ways that UNISON reaches out to publicise the benefits in our union is to attend festivals such as Mela, African Caribbean, and Pride etc.

However, imagine you’re a Black/Asian person who is also Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT). There is a good chance that you might attend your local cultural festival, but not a Pride event, it would also be unlikely that you would pick up an LGBT leaflet at one of your Local Cultural Festivals.

You might, as a black person pick up a leaflet about the Black Members SOG; you might also as a black woman pick up a leaflet about Women Members SOG.

A general leaflet about Equality which contains information about all SOGs would enable LGBT people to learn about the benefits of the support offered by our SOG, without the fear of outing themselves to family or friends.

Conference calls upon the National Committee to work with the National Committees of all SOGs to produce a General Equalities Leaflet which can be distributed to all branches for use at festivals and as publicity from 2012 onwards.