Training and development: crucial to the NHS

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2011 Health Care Service Group Conference
30 November 2010
Carried as Amended

This Conference believes that proper training and development opportunities are essential for all those working for the NHS, regardless of what function they perform, if it is to maintain the standards crucial to the care of patients. For young staff, particularly those working in ancillary and administrative roles, looking to having careers in the NHS this is very important in providing a sound grounding in their work and in ensuring their continuing development as crucial contributors to the success of the NHS in the future.

This Conference believes that training and development provision is likely to be severely affected by budget reductions.

This Conference calls on the Health Care Service Group Executive to:

(i) issue negotiating guidance to all branches on this issue, and

(ii)call on all branches to;

a.ensure that the importance of such training and development is raised with all employers;

b.bring to employer’s urgent attention any instances of shortfall in the provision of such training.