Undertaking Three Monthly Joint Health and Safety Inspections in the Companies Covered by the Energy Service Group

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2011 Energy Service Group Conference
4 February 2011

The 2011 Energy Conference notes that Trade Union Accredited H&S or SHE Representatives have a legal right to inspect the workplace 4 times per year.

Agreeing dates can be a problem, therefore it is recommended that joint H&S inspections are agreed with management as near as practicable to 13, 26 and 39 weeks after European Week of Safety and Health, usually in the third week of October.

Visibility of accredited Representatives undertaking these legal rights with management in the workplace complements recruiting and retaining UNISON Members.

This Service Group Executive is requested to produce appropriate literature as soon as practicable after this Conference to remind Branches to undertake these vital tasks.

Identifying hazards and those at risk, evaluating and prioritising risks, deciding on preventative action, taking appropriate action and monitoring and reviewing risks found should be included in the literature.