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2010 National Women's Conference
22 October 2009

Conference applauds the National Women’s Committee on work done to date to support the work of Rape Crisis however there is still more work to be done.

Conference believes that rape crisis centres are essential and believe that there should be adequate government funding for the centres to operate.

For example, there is only one Rape Crisis Centre in Northern Ireland which does not receive any funding whatsoever. It has been funded by an anonymous donation over the last 12 months but that is about to run out. That will then leave Northern Ireland without a Rape Centre and many women without support when they have been victims of rape.

This National Women’s Conference calls on the National Women’s Committee to:

1)Request that Regional Women’s Committee actively campaign with other relevant and concerned groups to ensure Rape Crisis Centres are adequately funded.

2)Request that Regional Women’s Committee encourage branches to have information available for their members of where to seek help if they become victims of rape.

3)Actively seek the support of other relevant UNISON structures to bring pressure to bear on Governments for core funding for the centres.