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2010 Local Government Service Group Conference
19 February 2010
Carried as Amended

Conference notes –

1)Local Government employers are condemning Council workers to an effective pay cut in 2010/11.

2)That pay restraint for public sector workers will be a key element of the Government’s policy to reduce public spending.

3)The Government and employers are seeking to undermine national pay bargaining.

Conference agrees

a)The campaign for real improvements in pay must continue to be a priority for the SGE and Conference recognises that the use of industrial action may be the most effective means of winning acceptable improvements in pay.

b)The retention and strengthening of national pay bargaining is necessary to meet our members aspirations.

c)UNISON should ensure that a flat rate element continues to be part of the national pay claim to fight for the best improvement for our lowest paid members.

d)To support broadening our bargaining agenda on local government pay to include:-

·a minimum wage for Council workers

·access to affordable childcare

·developing career pathways

·investment in workplace learning and development

Conference recognises the positive role regions can play in developing and promoting such a bargaining agenda and their role in supporting branches to deliver.