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2010 National LGBT Conference
4 October 2010
Carried as Amended

Conference is proud of our transparent and democratic structures. We note the way in which we organise is not always reflected in other areas of the union.

Conference welcomes the opportunity to meet annually to determine LGBT policy, elect our delegates to represent us at National Delegate and Service Group Conferences and to select motions to submit to those conferences.

Conference further welcomes the structures we have in place to ensure that under-represented members and those who face barriers to organising in the wider LGBT self organised group and the union, are able to elect representatives to the national LGBT committee, submit motions to LGBT conference and speak at conference.

Conference believes that this is a fair and democratic process.

Conference notes that delegates elected by LGBT conference are accountable to LGBT conference and responsible for supporting LGBT policy as agreed at past conferences. They are also responsible for taking into account new issues that may have implications for the LGBT self organised group that have arisen since the last conference.

Conference also notes that caucus representatives are accountable to the caucus and whilst they may also be members of the national LGBT committee, they are there as representatives of the caucus. Caucus representatives on the national LGBT committee may therefore have a remit to speak from the caucus or the national committee. Conference notes that the national LGBT committee has recently revised its policy and procedure on how national committee collective responsibility works at conference. This includes guidance on caucus representatives speaking on behalf of their caucus.

Conference therefore adopts the above as formal clarification of the roles and accountability of National Delegate Conference delegates elected by LGBT conference and of caucus representatives to the national LGBT committee.