Including Retired Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Members

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2010 National LGBT Conference
29 July 2010

Conference notes that, although this self-organised group’s remit includes retired LGBT members, they may not take part in debates at this conference.

Conference notes in particular that:

1.Rule D4, which defines the self-organised groups, refers throughout to members without reference to the categories of membership in rule C2; however,

2.Rule C2.6.2 says retired members may stand for office and vote only for positions in the retired members organisation unless otherwise determined by the National Executive Council (NEC) or otherwise provided for by the rules; so

3.As it stands, a retired LGBT member may propose a motion for this conference to his/her branch or regional LGBT group, may take part there in debate upon it and, depending on its subject, may vote but this conference will debate the motion without the chance to hear from any retired member or for a delegate elected by any retired members.

Conference believes

A.That, since trades unions are workers’ organisations, the determining say on any issue must rest with members who are at work that is, in UNISON, with full members defined in Rule C2.3.2; but also,

B.That it is always best to let people speak for themselves and UNISON’s arrangements should do so.

Conference therefore wishes to see delegates elected by and from among retired LGBT members take part at this conference as retired members delegates do at National Delegate Conference, that is with the right to speak but not to vote.

Conference instructs the LGBT Committee to:

I.Seek to agree with the Retired Members’ Committee and the NEC how to bring this about; and,

II.Report to LGBT Conference 2011 with proposals and, if need be, proposed amendments to this conference’s standing orders.