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2010 Health Care Service Group Conference
11 December 2009

Conference notes that by the financial year 2013/14 the total amount of money to be repaid by NHS Trusts to PFI consortia will be £2.3 billion a year, with a total debt of £90 billion over the duration of the schemes.

This increased pressure on valuable NHS resources will come at a time when the NHS is under severe financial pressure from whichever government is in power at the time.

Conference believes that £Billions could be saved by ending the waste of PFI and bringing the hospitals back into public ownership. At a time when many of the banks have the majority of their shares owned by the government this could be achieved with little cost to the tax payer and as an alternative to cuts in jobs and services.

Conference welcomes the 2009 Trades Union Congress support for the Peoples Charter which calls for the democratic public control of the banks and finance companies and investment rather than cuts in the NHS and public services.

We therefore call for the nationalisation of all PFI schemes within the NHS.

We call on the SGE to vociferously take up the campaign for the nationalisation of the NHS PFI schemes within UNISON, the wider labour movement such as the TUC, and politically via Labour Link and the GPF.