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2010 National Black Members' Conference
7 August 2009

NBMC welcomes the Government’s commitment to introduce new in the Equality Bill. UNISON Black members have experienced the full effects of the recession and have felt its significant impact within the workplace especially in terms of reduction of staffing in key positions roles and services.

The new bill has a few key elements that impact upon our communities:

·The commitment to ensure that equality issues are considered at all stages of the procurement process;

·The requirement on public bodies to consider socio economic factors (the class duty);

·The requirement on public bodies to report on their Black employment rate.

We support the need to tackle the race pay gap, the need to consider socio economic factors and the monitoring of employment policies.

During this period of restructures, efficiency savings and service reviews, Conference also believes it is essential to produce equality schemes and that equality impact assessments are carried out in all councils to ensure that the full impact on Black members can be effectively measured and monitored.

We call upon National Black Members’ Committee to work with National Executive Council to ensure this work is carried out.