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2009 Retired Members' Conference
23 June 2009

This Conference is aware that due to the statistical increase in the ageing population, many of our retired members who are part of this ageing population may not have in place a procedure to ensure that their personal wishes and affairs are in order.

Conference also recognises the distress that results in many circumstances when individuals become increasingly physically and mentally incapacitated and have no proper legal procedures in place to ensure their financial and welfare wishes are carried out.

It is therefore essential that a constant awareness of the problems that can arise be part of UNISON’s publicity pre and post retirement to ensure all UNISON members have the information to assist them in seeking proper legal guidance.

It is important that individuals are aware of the consequences of appointing power of attorney and signing living wills, especially when they are mentally and physically capable of making their decisions and understand the implications of such actions.

Conference therefore instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to liaise with the National Executive Council and UNISON’s UK publicity outlets to ensure that publicity is available on a regular basis to keep members informed of the necessity for continuing and enduring power of attorney and living wills to be registered.