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2009 Police Staff Service Group Conference
24 June 2009

Conference we believe our members are disadvantaged in some forces, when they elect to work overtime for time in the book instead of for payment. If the member elected to work overtime for pay they would be in receipt of remuneration at either time and half or double time. However when it comes to working overtime for compensatory time off in lieu (TOIL) they only receive plain time eg a day for a day.

We believe this is unacceptable as Police Officers receive time and third if they stay on after a shift. Double time if less than 5 days notice, time and a half between 5-15 days notice and anything else over that time and a third. We understand that we are on a different set of terms and conditions than Police Officers when it suits the Police Service but how can it be fair an equitable when a lone parent works Christmas Day, because it falls as part of her rostered week and only receives time at plain time as if she claimed double pay it would affect her benefit.

Cheshire Police Branch requested North West Region to submit a Regional reference earlier this year asking for urgent negotiations with the employers side of the Police Staff Council (PSC) to address this issue, which should have been discussed we believe at the July meeting. To date nothing has been achieved and therefore:

a) We request the SGE takes this issue up as a matter of urgency through the PSC.

b) Ensure forces and branches are updated at the earliest opportunity.