Further Education “Time to Pay Up” Campaign

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2009 Local Government Service Group Conference
20 February 2009

This Conference endorses the “Time to Pay Up” Campaign for our members in Further Education by focusing on the minority of colleges that refuse to implement nationally agreed pay deals, resulting in up to 50% of colleges not being on any comparable, nationally agreed pay scale. This causes confusion throughout the sector when comparing jobs and helps an increasingly aggressive management drive down wages and terms and conditions.

This Campaign draws attention to an often overlooked area of real concern for Further Education staff and highlights a crucial organising tool which will allow Regions and Branches to build UNISON membership in colleges.

Since the corporation of further education colleges, it has been clear that local UNISON density and local stewards’ activity have often been vital for members’ service conditions. Only by being strong locally have members defended and maintained conditions of service.

This Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to endorse a recruitment exercise based on Regions setting themselves the target of recruiting the majority of UNISON membership in every further education college within their area. Only by such a targeted campaign can UNISON ensure that the “Time to Pay up” Campaign reaches its desired objective.