English national bus pass for disabled people and over 60s

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2009 National LGBT Conference
11 November 2009

Conference welcomes the introduction of a national scheme for free bus travel for disabled people and the over 60s in England. Conference however notes that travel is only free between 9:30am and 11pm in some areas.

Conference believes that 9.30am-11pm restriction is entirely unnecessary and has a major impact on – not to say “cramps the style” of – many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and disabled people in particular.

Conference notes that the time restrictions also fail to take into account that many of us are workers and need to catch the bus before 9.30am to get to work on time. It should be noted that for some disabled people, buses are becoming one of the most accessible forms of transport. Further, for people requiring assistance, those assisting them should also be entitled to free travel.

Conference instructs the National LGBT Committee, in liaison with the Retired Members’ Committee and National Disabled Members Committee, to campaign:

1.To remove the current time restrictions;

2.For free travel for those assisting disabled people.