British National Party (BNP)

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2009 National LGBT Conference
31 July 2009
Carried as Amended

Conference notes with concern the continuing growth of the BNP in elections on 4 June 2009, in particular:

1.The largest ever fascist vote in a UK-wide election;

2.The election of two British fascists to the European Parliament and fascist County Councillors in Hertfordshire, Lancashire and Leicestershire; and,

3.Fascist and far right advance in certain other European member states.

Conference also notes with concern results of the YouGov poll conducted between 29th May and 4th June outlining that racist and fascist views are widespread among BNP voters, showing this to be a hard and alienated vote and no mere protest vote.

Whilst the BNP did not make the sweeping gains it predicted and the election campaign saw more anti-fascist activity than ever, Conference believes the BNP remain a serious threat to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities, workers and trade unionists; although at this stage, the BNP’s attack is most overtly targeted at Black people, migrants and Muslims.

Conference notes that regional groups can make an important contribution to the fight against fascism. For example, Greater London Regional LGBT Group, in partnership with the Southern and Eastern Region of the TUC (SERTUC) LGBT Network, produced high quality anti-far right leaflets targeted at LGBT communities and used these to actively canvass LGBT venues in advance of the 2009 European elections. Regional groups can also encourage members to participate in local Unite Against Fascism, Searchlight and Hope not Hate actions.

Conference calls again upon the National LGBT Committee and branch regional LGBT groups to keep anti-fascist campaigning at the forefront of their work and to add a standing item on the agenda of their meetings.