Fuel Poverty and Disabled People

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2009 National Disabled Members' Conference
3 July 2009
Carried as Amended

Conference agrees that the introduction of the annual Winter Fuel Allowance for all people aged sixty and over in the United Kingdom has been one of the most successful social developments in recent history.

UNISON has always been at the forefront when campaigning for social justice and dignity for those, who through no fault of their own meet barriers in many shapes and forms. Fuel poverty is one of the major barriers that prevent disabled people from having the opportunity to fully participate in our society.

Conference therefore agrees that the time has arrived when we should now turn our attention and efforts toward mounting a campaign to achieve the establishment of annual Winter Fuel Payments for disabled people.

A disabled person of working age is more likely to spend more time at home, than non-disabled people. Many disabled UNISON members are low paid, or working reduced hours as a result of their disability. It is our duty to support our disabled members and campaign on their behalf for this particular form of social justice. We fully believe that the cost of making winter fuel payments for disabled people should be funded by an annual Government imposed levy on the profits and share dividends of the fuel companies.

Conference therefore instructs the National Disabled Members Committee to seek the support of the National Executive Committee to mount a campaign that would involve other disability interest organisations to raise the profile of ending fuel poverty amongst disabled people.