Homophobia in Sport

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2008 National LGBT Conference
24 July 2008

Conference welcomes the initiative launched by The Premiership and Football League in trying to rid football from homophobia.

Whilst recognising that this is a good starting point, conference believes that more work is needed to ensure the campaign develops in success to the levels achieved by UNISON involvement in campaigns such as ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. There also needs to be effort into challenging homophobia and transphobia in sports other than football.

Conference calls on the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Committee to:

1.Raise this issue within relevant bodies within UNISON (including the General Political Fund), to establish how UNISON can become more associated with this initiative;

2.Encourage regional and branch LGBT groups to make direct contact with local football clubs who are part of this initiative, to consider what joint publicity events could be organised;

3.Use the union’s extensive political and campaigning avenues to further promote ending homo- and trans-phobia in organised sport more widely;

4.Provide information in Out in UNISON, the national union web-pages, and in other ways to promote the union’s proactive work in helping organised sport to be more inclusive of all our communities.