Equality Training

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2008 National LGBT Conference
25 July 2008

Conference welcomes the progress made in raising the profile of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) participation in our union. UNISON has been at the forefront of the equality agenda and we can be proud of our achievements in continuing to support and encourage self organisation at all levels.

We would like to encourage representatives from every branch in our union to participate in the UNISON equalities training so that we can show members how inclusive and welcoming we are, while show-casing what opportunities there are to influence and participate within our union.

UNISON’s structures offer the best opportunities for people to self organise and contribute directly to the health and growth of our union. The motions and debates at conference are varied and inspirational and as such are the ideal platform for first time participants as well as seasoned participants to fully engage and understand the importance of belonging to a trade union. However, we note that it is all too easy to feel complacent and self congratulatory. Just because we identify with a particular self organised group does not make us the experts around the equality agenda.

We call on the National LGBT Committee to respond to the excellent UNISON equality training by enrolling and participating, leading by example, to encourage as many committee representatives, branch officers, stewards and members to become equality competent by attending this important training. The opportunity can be used as a recruitment tool. As well as the important legislative information, the training highlights the criterion around fair representation, and the fact that women, low-paid, part- time, Black, disabled and manual LGBT workers are under-represented in our self organisation as well as workforces more generally. Visibility is important.

Conference further asks that the National LGBT Committee continues to work with the Trades Union Congress & Scottish Trades Union Congress to ensure that the equality agenda is incorporated at all levels of its affiliations including in Europe through the European Trade Union Congress and beyond in the International Trade Union Congress.