Fuel Poverty and the Energy Bill

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2008 Energy Service Group Conference
2 February 2008

Conference welcomes the publication of the report produced by the National Right to Fuel Campaign with support from UNISON that highlighted the extremely high prices being charged to consumers by the energy companies. Conference also endorses UNISON’s call for an Inquiry by the Competition Commission into the energy market and the imposition of a windfall tax on the excessive profits being made by energy companies.

Conference recognises that this position is in no way a reflection on or criticism of employees in the energy industry who are often working under extreme pressure for relatively low pay.

Conference also welcomes the work done by the Service Group Executive through PURGE to highlight the issues of Fuel Poverty and price controls.

Conference calls on the Executive to continue working with the NEC and external partners to highlight the plight of those suffering from fuel poverty and to lobby Government to include in the Energy Bill appropriate measures to eradicate this scandal.