UNISON Equality Duty – Input to Policy for Branch Activists

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2008 National Disabled Members' Conference
25 October 2008

Conference welcomes publication of the UNISON Equality Duty and the positive prospect of equality for all minority groups within the union’s membership, and as women form the majority of this union, disabled women suffer multiple discrimination including low pay.

Disabled members along with colleagues from the other self-organising groups have consistently campaigned for not only recognition within UNISON, but for full equality in activism, campaigning and influence. UNISON Equality Duty goes a very long way towards meeting those aspirations.

Conference believes that disabled members in particular should show a lead to the other equality strands of members, by establishing their rights through their regional committees and national committee to have their views on equalities for disabled workers taken fully into account for evaluation as components of the UNISON Equality Duty.

The National Disabled Members Committee (NDMC) is therefore instructed to try and ensure that Branch and Regional Disabled Members Committees and Groups are afforded every possible facility and opportunity to input their members views either through the NDMC or direct to the appropriate headquarters’ department.