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2008 National Disabled Members' Conference
4 July 2008
Carried as Amended

Typetalk is a requirement for many of our deaf/hearing impaired and speech impaired members, as it gives them the opportunity to have more indepth and professional phone discussions with colleagues that texting on mobile phones does not.

Typetalk is a service operated by RNID through a BT landline involving a Minicom user, a standard phone user and a central operator who converts the written word (from Minicom) to verbal format for the standard phone recipient. It allows the operator to translate to modified English where necessary and therefore eliminate incorrect information being given.

Unfortunately, this service is predominately linked to landline phones and as many of us now use mobiles, it is becoming less of a service than previously. It is accepted that some network providers are now starting to come on board, but we need to promote its use and benefits to the wider market to ensure that our members attain the best service possible, that allows them to undertake their employment with the same advantages as all our members.

We therefore request that:-

a)Our National Disabled Members Committee collate the information on which network companies provide this service.

b)Source how they operate and funding charges.

c)Promote the viability of the service to all network providers

d)Ensure that all branches and regions are aware of the outcome in order to inform our members.