Use of Disciplinary Procedure Against Black Staff

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2008 National Black Members' Conference
16 September 2007
Carried as Amended

This National Black Members’ Conference notes that there is a disproportionate amount of Black members and black UNISON activists who are subject to disciplinary procedures and victimisations within the workplace. This leads to the question of whether disciplinary procedures are being applied fairly and equally to all staff. A consequence of this is that the morale of Black staff is negatively affected, possibly accounting for the low retention rates of Black staff.

This NBMC asks the NEC to work with the National Black Members’ Conference to draw up a strategy for entering into discussion with employers on monitoring ethnicity of staff subject to disciplinary procedure to stop this over representation of Black staff and black UNISON activist. This must be done with reference to the Race Relations (amendment) Act and with reference to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.