Entitlements to Health and Social Care

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2007 Retired Members' Conference
15 June 2007
Carried as Amended

Conference believes that many older people are not fully aware of their entitlements to receive proper health and social care, in a way which suits their own circumstances. Where this is the case, patients may be deprived of their entitlements by misleading information from health care providers under financial pressure to cut services.

Particular issues on which this produces serious problems for patients include

1)hospital transport

2)attendance allowances

3)single sex wards

4)residential and nursing care

Conference therefore asks the National Retired Members’ Committee to consult the National Health Committee and other appropriate committees, through the National Executive Council, about the urgent production and distribution of an ‘Entitlement Leaflet’ for all retired members. The leaflet should be concise and clear and include details of how members can access comprehensive and detailed information about their own areas.