Northern Ireland Peace Process

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2007 National Delegate Conference
27 February 2007

Conference welcomes the publication of the CAJ report ‘Equality in Northern Ireland – Rhetoric or Reality?’ and expresses its concern that, based on the government’s own data, patterns of discrimination and inequality continue to increase for the same areas and for the same groups as in the past.

Conference is further concerned that some of the most effective equality and human instruments, long fought for by UNISON and its allies, have been ignored by the Direct Rule Administration and as a consequence the problems have deepened.

Conference calls on the National Executive Council to bring its influence to bear on governments and public sector decision makers in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland to ensure that public policy-making. public procurement, infrastructure investment, economic development and public service location and delivery are targeted at those areas and groups of greatest need in a clear and unequivocal effort to disrupt the current patterns of discrimination and to consolidate a peace process which leave no citizen behind.