Coordination of Pay Campaigns

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2007 National Delegate Conference
20 June 2007

Conference is deeply angry over the government’s totally unjust 2% public sector pay limit, condemning low paid public sector workers to poverty pay and notes the:

1)decision of the Local Government Conference on the 18th June and of the Local Government NJC Committee rejecting the employers insulting 2% offer or any other received by the end of June and agreeing to a consultation exercise among members and possible industrial action;

2)Health Group action at the meeting with the NHS employers on 27th April when no improved pay offer emerged. The Health Service Group has been mandated by its 2007 Annual Conference in April to reject the derisory PRB award and the Pay Negotiating Council offer and has begun preparations for a ballot;

3)Police Staff Council are expected to fall in line with public sector pay constraints this year.

These decisions give our members the opportunity to take decisive action. The General Secretary’s message to PCS, calling on the two unions to work together to campaign against the 2% pay limit and other attacks on our members, gives us an opportunity for a united front.

Conference notes the Communication Workers Union (CWU) in Royal Mail strike ballot over their 2.5 per cent pay offer and against massive cuts in postal jobs and services. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers (NAS/UWT) have also taken conference decisions to support strike ballots and action over their pay.

Conference also welcomes the General Secretary’s pledge to work with GMB, NUT, CWU and UNITE to secure fairness and justice for our members.

This Conference calls on the Government and devolved administrations to:

a)remove the 2% public sector pay limit;

b)get back to the negotiating table with improved offers for the NHS;

c)provide adequate funding to allow the NJC employers to negotiate with a free hand;

d)recognise the link between decent services and decent treatment of staff.

Conference calls on the NEC to work with Service Groups to:

i)mount a campaign for fair pay up to and including lawful strike action within UNISON rules;

ii)coordinate their pay campaigns;

iii)work together with GMB, PCS, UNITE, and other public service unions to maximise our impact and to co-ordinate industrial action, up to and including strike action, within UNISON’s rules in support of our public sector pay claims;

iv)work in collaboration with user organisations and pressure groups to support the campaign.