Recruiting and Organising Young LGBT People

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2007 National LGBT Conference
25 July 2007
Carried as Amended

This Conference believes it is essential that UNISON does more to organise and recruit young members, and that LGBT members have an important part to play in that work.

Conference notes the collaboration between the Scottish LGBT Committee and the Scottish Young Members Committee in their pursuit of the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter Mark. Through joint meetings and action planning, the two committees are seeking to better encourage the membership and activism of young LGBT public service workers. Conference recognises this as an area of good practice.

This Conference calls on all regional LGBT groups to make direct contact with their respective regional young members’ forums to identify joint recruitment, organising, and campaigning opportunities of relevance to young LGBT people. It is important that these activities should address and reflect the specific issues of black and disabled young LGBT people.

Conference further instructs the National LGBT Committee to monitor this work, and to report back to LGBT Conference 2008 on progress in this area.