Hate Crime Reporting

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2007 National LGBT Conference
24 July 2007
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the recent inclusion of homophobic hate crime within England and Wales leading to an aggravated offence and inclusion in hate crime statistics.

Conference notes the high prevalence of hate crimes towards LGT communities as well as significant under reporting of such offences, and calls for uniform protection from hate crimes for LGBT people across the UK, and in particular ensuring it includes gender identity and the incitement to violence and hatred.

Conference also notes the significant number of police forces and local authorities that have identified mechanisms to improve the reporting of hate crime (including the True Vision reporting scheme).

The value of third party and anonymous reporting is to give a clearer picture of the level of LGBT-phobic hate crime and allow police and local authorities to take appropriate actions.

Conference calls therefore on the National LGBT Committee to disseminate advice and guidance on the reporting of hate crimes, seeking to work with other relevant organisations (e.g. Trades Union Congress (TUC) LGBT Committee, Gay Police Association etc.). Some aims of this activity should be to improve the gathering of information and publication of statistical analysis, and to develop a clearer distinction between the different forms of hate crime experienced by LGBT people.