Bully Brother

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2007 National Black Members' Conference
19 January 2007

National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC) is appalled at Channel 4’s manipulation of the current Celebrity Big Brother programme.

NBMC is concerned that the blatant flaunting of racism and bullying of Shilpa by her housemates Jade, Danielle and Jo is totally unacceptable and has no place in the 21st Century.

Channel 4 views itself as being on the edge of promoting essential debate, however, it is in essence promoting discrimination, prejudice and racism with regard to the current Celebrity Big Brother programme.

Channel 4 has not had the moral courage to pull the plug or evict the perpetrators due to motivation increasing ratings rather than taking the lead in acknowledging racism at any level and promoting good anti-racist practices.

Channel 4 is a public sector body and thus should take the lead to not only act responsibly, but act as a key campaigner for good anti-racist practice. Furthermore, it should be ashamed of itself for using ineffective editing techniques in order to support and encourage racism.

Conference asks the National Black Members’ Committee to:

Work in partnerships with the TUC, NUJ and the Press Complaints Commission to draft a strategy to eradicate such poor practice and promote good race relations through an anti-racist strategy.

Encourage the NEC to challenge Channel 4 on remaining silent on the matter and not acknowledging racism to be subtle and covert when it takes place.

Work with OFCOM to ensure that any investigation carried out is not ‘white-washed’ and that clear recommendations are put in place.

Support Keith Vaz MP’s suggestion of ensuring that all money raised in the Celebrity Big Brother eviction phone in to be channelled into anti racist organisations to promote education on good anti-racist practice.

Work with UNISON’s Labour Link to encourage UNISON MPs to sign the early day motion laid down by Keith Vaz MP.