No Women’s Caucus Meeting at National Delegate Conference 2005

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2006 National Women's Conference
26 October 2005

Conference is disappointed to learn that at the National Delegate Conference in Glasgow last June the Women’s Self-Organised Group (SOG) was the only SOG not to hold a caucus meeting.

Conference wishes to remind the National Women’s Committee that caucuses are key political events at which the body of the SOG membership can:

1)recognise themselves as a valuable part of UNISON;

2)network with other branches’ and regions’ SOG members;

3)form a common view about which motions are most deserving of support and prioritisation and encourage women to speak on motions;

4)begin the build-up to the next National Women’s Conference in a way that helps to boost attendance at our primary democratic forum.

Conference regrets the missed opportunities. Conference also regrets the excuse given in the women’s newsletter, that the SOG has too many members for a room of sufficient size to be available. It is Conference’s view that the effect of this excuse was a dangerous disempowerment, when women in UNISON still need to empower each other.

Conference urges the National Women’s Committee to consider the empowering message that would have come through the women’s SOG demanding the use of the National Delegate Conference hall itself for their caucus.

Conference requires that the National Women’s Committee organise at least one women’s SOG caucus meeting during the course of every National Delegate Conference, starting with the 2006 National Delegate Conference in Bournemouth.