Failure of Anti-Harassment Enforcement Orders

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2006 National Women's Conference
20 October 2005

The recent murder of Clare Bernal at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge highlights once again the failures of the criminal justice system in protecting women against male violence.

Conference believes that until violence against women is given a priority by government and legislators, women such as Clare Bernal will continue to die needlessly at the hands of violent and abusive partners and ex-partners.

Conference therefore instructs the National Women’s Committee to continue to work with Women’s Aid, Rights of Women and other appropriate organisations, in campaigning to raise awareness of the prevalence of domestic abuse and other gender-related hate crimes in today’s society.

Conference furthermore instructs the National Women’s Committee to work with others in calling for a thorough review of the stalking and harassment legislation, to ensure that women can be confident that once they have reported a perpetrator, they are then safe from further harassment.