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2006 Water & Environment Service Group Conference
15 March 2006

Conference confirms its strong belief that good, non-discriminatory, occupational pension schemes available to all employees are an essential part of the modern reward package.

Conference believes that all employers should be required to offer an occupational pension scheme which employees should automatically join with a right to opt out if desired.

Conference notes the ongoing debate about all aspects of pension provision in both occupational and the state schemes including normal retirement age and funding.

Conference welcomes the additional rights and protections in the Pensions Act 2005 and the Finance Act 2006 but totally opposes the attack on final salary schemes in the private sector and attempts to worsen benefits in the public sector especially the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Conference instructs the Executive, working with branches and other Service Group Executives, to campaign for the maintenance of good, non-discriminatory, occupational pension’s schemes including the use of industrial action in appropriate circumstances.