Closer joint working between the Water and Environment and Transport Group Executive

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2006 Water & Environment Service Group Conference
15 March 2006

Conference notes that the NEC is undertaking a major review of Service Group and branch structures in line with the motion carried at last year’s National Delegate Conference.

Conference further notes that discussions between the Water and Environment, Transport and Energy Service Group Executives about a possible merger did not command the necessary support at last year’s service group conferences.

However Conference welcomes the successful joint Water and Environment and Transport branch seminar held in 2005 and approves of the decision to hold another joint seminar in 2006. Furthermore the decision of the two Service Group Executives to hold joint meetings is welcomed as a positive and progressive step.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive to

1.ensure there is a full discussion on the NEC’s review of service group structures at the joint branch seminar.

2.continue discussions with the Transport Service Group Executive on closer joint working.

3.consult branches on any further developments as appropriate.