We Are A Trade Union

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2006
17 July 2006

Conference is dissatisfied with the continued classification of UNISON by our employer and other sections of the police family as a staff association. UNISON is a trade union and as such has statutory rights and status at law. We as trade unionists are proud to be part of the labour movement and are proud of our trade union heritage. The attempt of certain groups to undermine our status is unreasonable and unproductive. We as trade unionists within the police service have a duty to represent our members to the best of our ability and have a right to have our legal status recognised. We also need to remind ourselves of our heritage and the sacrifices made by our predecessors within the trade union movement.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to:

1) ensure that the term trade union is reflected in all dealings with the employers and its constituents at a national level;

2) ensure that branches are provided with advice guidance and support at a local level to enable them to reaffirm our status.