Term Time Only Pay

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2006 Local Government Service Group Conference
24 February 2006
Carried as Amended

This conference is dismayed that, despite the advances achieved by the schools remodelling agreement, support staff in schools are still treated less favourably than teachers.

Already low paid support staff have been financially penalised by the withdrawal of their ability to claim benefits for school holidays, yet the majority do not get paid for the extended school holiday period. In addition, support staff who are paid on a term time only basis have worse pensions because they are treated as part time workers.

Therefore, this Conference calls upon the Local Government Service Group Executive to address the issue by launching a UK wide campaign. That campaign should demand:-

1)52 week contracts for all support staff who want them

2)Paid school holidays

3)A co-ordinated UK wide campaign including devolved regions

4)The issue of term time only pay is given full consideration in all discussions and negotiations with the Government and the employers around a national framework for school staff pay and conditions. If such discussions and negotiations do not result in a satisfactory outcome then the members affected should be consulted regarding the prospect of mounting a co-ordinated campaign of industrial action