Substitute National Sector Committee Repreentatives to the Local Government SGE

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2006 Local Government Service Group Conference
24 February 2006

This Conference notes that the UNISON NJC Committee, the Scottish Local Government Committee, the Community and Voluntary Sector Forum, and FE & 6th Form Colleges Committee as National Sector Committees are represented on the Local Government Service Group Executive (SGE). However at present there is no provision for these committees to send substitute representatives.

This Conference believes it would help ensure that the views of the National Sector Committees are represented on the SGE if the composition of the Executive was extended to allow National Sector Committees to elect substitutes for SGE meetings. This Conference therefore agrees to amend the composition of the SGE, previously approved by Service Group Conference in 1994, 1998 and 2004, to allow provision for National Sector Committee substitutes.