Nursery Nurse Pay

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2006 Local Government Service Group Conference
17 February 2006
Carried as Amended

This Service Group Conference:-

1)Condemns the continuing failure of the employers to address the issue of Nursery Nurse pay on a national basis in England and Wales

2)welcomes the pay increases that nursery nurses achieved across Scotland and the Scottish Executive’s national review of the Early Years and childcare workforce due to be released for consultation

3)notes the research evidence Nursery Nurses in Scotland that UNISON commissioned which will be used to inform the review and in the bargaining agenda to address issues relating to equal pay and job evaluation

4)Condemns the continued attempts by employers on a local level to attack Nursery Nurse conditions

5)Calls for support for branches in running pay campaigns for their members

6)Calls on the SGE to ensure the issue of Nursery Nurse pay in England and Wales is given full consideration in all discussions and negotiations with the Government and the employers round a national framework for school staff pay and conditions.